Chinese Kale


Chinese Kale


Common Name: Chinese kale
Botanical Name : Brassica alboglabra bailey

Chinese Kale or kai-lan in cantonese. There are a few varieties of Chinese kale. The large are about 12 to 15 inches and the smaller ones are about 7 inches (Hong Kong variety).

The image on the right are Hong Kong type. Its shorter with smaler leaves. The leaves are thick green in color, oval often glaucous leaves and elongated flashy infloresences. It is cut from the young plant before the flower buds begin to open.

Choosing the kale, leaves not wilted or yellow, stalk thick and clean. The larger variety comes with roots.

Uses, Hong Kong kale are famous for it kale in oyster sauce. It is blanch and oyster sauce over it. It can be stir fry with garlic, sometimes used in soup, stir fry with seafood or can be mix with other vegetables like carrots. The best part of the kale plant is the stalk, it crunchy, if the stalk skin is too thick, remove before used.

Storage, best wrap in paper towel store in fridge (vegetable section) consume in 2 to 3 days.

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