Choy Sum


Choy Sum


Common Name: Choy Sum
Botanical Name : Brassica Chinensis var. parachinensis

Chinese Choy sum , Choi sam in cantonese is a variety of pak choi that is grown for the sake of it thick -stemmed flowering shoots which are cut for the markets as the flower begin to open. An annual having basal leaves with ovate-rounded blades and long, clean petioles of a fresh green color. Mainly grown in Asia.

Choose leaves that are not wilted or yellow, stalk are not hollow. The flower make a nice color when cooked. Image are hong kong choy sum, smaller the the bigger variety.

Uses, For stir-fry with other vegetables like carrots, bamboo shoot mixed with seafood. Can be used in soup and noodles. This vegetables must not be overcooked to retain its crispiness.

Storage, wrap in paper towel and store in fridge (vegetable compartment) consumed in 2-3 days.

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