Garlic Bulb


Common Name : Garlic
Botanical Name : Allium sativum L.

Garlic plant is a biennial herb. Its bulb is a compound one and consists of small bulbs or bulbils termed "cloves". Each clove is formed from the axil of an outer cylindrical leaf that serves a protective function and an inner storage leaf surrounding the bud. The group of small segments or cloves is surrounded by a thin white or pinkish sheath. The flavour of garlic is more powerful than other bulb crops.

Choosing garlic, hold the bulb with your hand and give a light squeeze. If any of the cloves are hollow means the garlic is no good. If all cloves are firm is a keeper.

Garlic have many usage, Chinese recipes used lots of garlic for cooking. They are chop up, whole bulb, crush and grind. Other usage are pickle, eaten raw, mixed with other ingredients.

Eating garlic regularly found to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Garlic can be store in the open on a netted plastic container and used daily until finish.


garlic bulb

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