Ginger Root


Ginger Root


Common Name : Ginger root
Botanical Name : Zingiber officinale Rosc

This perennial herb has arial roots arising from a thick, fleshy, brabching rhizome which is part used. In Cantonese is called "keong". Image on the right is a old ginger. older ginger are hotter and more fiberous.

Chinese recipes used ginger alot, The skin need to be scraped off before used. They are sliced, grinded, juiced, crushed for different recipes.
If you need a few slices, just beak a pip or the branching root. Washed and scraped off the skin with a knife or a edge of metal spoon. Sliced the amount of root the recipe call for.

Choosing old ginger, looks firm, no shoot growing, and chunky. Ginger can be store in a open plastic container, used until finished.

If you recipe called for large piece of ginger to be crash or grind large amount. Choose ginger with large and wider root. It easier to scrape of skin.

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